A message from our principal...

Thank you for being part of our St. Odilia School community.  As a Christian community we are tasked with the care and concern for the safety and well-being of our community members.  In this time of concern over the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the increase in local cases, we, as an organization, must make extra-ordinary efforts to keep those within our community safe.  While it was a difficult decision, our team has decided to change the format of the upcoming gala to a virtual event. 

We know many of you are wondering why we would change the event at this late date; and we want to provide our supporters with background information and as many answers as we can.  As you know, Bloom was originally going to be held this past April, but due to COVID-19 we moved it to July hoping it would be safe for us to gather then.  At the beginning of the summer, the decision was made to relocate the event to school, where we were hoping to gather outside wearing masks on July 31. As this date approached, two main things were taken into consideration as we paused to reevaluate this decision: Health and Safety and Financial and Human Resources. 

Making every effort to ensure that our students can return to the school building safely this September is one of our top priorities at this time. Recently our local area has reported an uptick in cases, and this raised concern for us to gather a large group of people in an informal setting.

The second area of focus for us was on financial and human resources. The goal of BLOOM is to raise money for our amazing school, but with the low ticket sales, we were concerned that the cost in both dollars and human resources was too great to feel confident that an in-person event at this time would allow us to meet our goal. It takes a great deal of commitment and energy to execute an event like this!

Although this was a very difficult decision, we do feel it is best to move this event to a virtual platform for the reasons stated, and we are confident our school community will come together and make BLOOM a great success! 

Timeline of Events

Click on the timeline to view our events for the week of Bloom Bash 2020.

Bloom Bash 2020 kicks off on Monday, July 27th! Like Bloom Gala of Giving on Facebook to stay up to date on each day's events!

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