Great Gatherings

What’s a “Great Gathering”?

Short answer: It’s a gathering that’s great!

Slightly longer answer: Two or three couples join forces and pay for a party as a donation to the school, then Bloom sells tickets to it. The ticket money goes to the school, and hosts can get a receipt for their donation from the parish or the school for tax records.


How many people come to a Great Gathering?

It can be for as many people as you like! We have Great Gatherings of all sizes, from 6 people up to 50 people.


How much do tickets sell for?

They sell for between $25 and $100 dollars, depending on several factors.


So Great Gatherings have a theme?

Yep! Some ideas that have been successful before:

  • Oktoberfest

  • Low Country Boil

  • Bowling

  • Curling

  • 80s Night

  • Bunco

  • Pie-making Class

We have lots of other ideas you can work with too! If you’re interested in hosting a Great Gathering, contact BLOOM coordinators at