2021 Bloom Update

We thank you so much for your patience as we figure out a plan for the 2021 Bloom event. After much discussion, we have decided to push back the event to the summer. In hopes of more people receiving vaccinations, loosened restrictions, and lower spread in our community, we have decided to move forward with planning an outdoor, in-person event. We will also have an alternative plan in place, should we have to pivot. We hope to have more details available for you soon, but we are cautiously optimistic at this point! Again, thank you for being so patient and understanding!

Your Bloom Co-Chairs,

Erin Maki and Kristin Dacey


Thank you for supporting our annual Week of Wishes! Together we raised over $19,000!! We are already working on purchasing items and getting them into the school. We can't wait to see everything in action!

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